Sweethope Fishing Report October 27th 2014

The fishery has been in the grip of extremely windy weather this week and angling has been difficult. Fish have been caught from boats on the sheltered South Westerly margins of the top Lough but the catch of the week was without a doubt that of Messrs. Wade and Kane who, deciding conditions were too windy for boating caught and returned 17 rainbows and several jack pike to the Lower Lough yesterday. It was reported that many fish were spotted breaking the surface and seemed to be feeding on nymphs.

I am going to put the final top up of stock in the Upper Lough today which should improve conditions for the closing weeks of the season so that if the wind dies down a bit come and have a fish.

Fly pattern of the week: Cats Whisker

Number of rods: 10

Rainbows returned to the water: 22



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