Angler vs Paddler

angler vs paddler

 It is common knowledge that fishing, a tranquil, quiet and peaceful activity does not go well with splashing paddles, loud laughter, big groups of children and young people.

We, at Sweethope Adventure believe that we can create an environment we are both can co-exist happily alongside each other.


All adventure activities, such as canoeing, raft building, kayaking and activities along the lake shores such as archery, bush craft and orienteering will be restricted to certain areas away from any fishermen – be it on the bank or on the water. Groups will always be briefed on keeping noise levels down and respecting the fishing men and women in their need for quietness.


Sweethope Adventure will be operating a continuously updated calendar system which is available to everyone upon request. This calendar will identify the days when there are group bookings for outdo

or activities at Sweethope, stating the size of the group, their arrival & departure time as well as the activities they will be doing exactly in which location (i.e. on the top lake only or

in the woodland north of the top lake etc). The calendar will be via telephone enquiry to our office at Deneholme (01434 618579) or mobile (07791707097).The number of activity days at Sweethope will depend on demand, but is estimated to not be more than 2 days per week, leaving plenty of days for fishing only, undisturbed by any other groups using facilities and the loughs.

If you wish to comment on the arrangement or voice your concerns, please contact us. Ultimately Sweethope is first and foremost a fishery and if we find that after the first season, the coexistence of fishery and outdoor adventure does not work, we will always make decisions in favour of our fishermen and -women.